Mind your brain, master the pain

Hi there,
I'm Cattis

I am a brain & pain expert who helps ambitious women a successful and sustainable way to take control over their long-term pain to start living a valuable and happy life again. 


This membership is fully stacked with personal development, mindset and strategies. The core in this membership is the group coaching where you get the possibility to be coached by me and you will get support and acknowledgement from the group.

I will help you to mind your brain to master the pain and your everyday life. For a more valuable life and happy life.

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A warm and welcoming community where you will get support, knowledge and motivation by other people from all around the world who also lives with long term pain.

The community with other people who understands what it's like to live with long term pain is really powerful and helps you to manage your pain journey even better. Even if you have a loving and caring family, they don't understand what it's really like to live with pain 24/7.
That is what this community is for.

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Books and workbooks

My first ebook was released in December 2020;
The invisible pain - my faithful companion.

This book is based on my life, 30 years with 4 different back injuries. 30 years of constant pain - the invisible pain.