About Cattis

Mental & pain coach helping female business leaders and entrepreneurs to become the CEO of their long term pain.  

I have a long history for 30 years with 4 different back injuries, living with constant pain for 30 years and counting. This have made me very interested in the body and the brain and my vision is to help at least 100 000 women affected by long term pain to adapt to the challenge of living with long term pain, brain fatigue and the struggle to get the everyday life to work.

I have been knocked down many times, but I have built a strong mental resiliens and have managed to raise me up, time after time. Now I am having a successful business, helping others to lead themselves, achieving their goals in a sustainable, profitable and happy way.

Anything is possible - you maybe just have to do it in another way. I will help you find your way to become the best CEO of your pain and also of your business.