Whether you are aiming for Olympic gold or to become a master at managing your pain,
I can give you the tools and pep
to get there!

Can you relate to any of these?

Athlete, pain warrior, or entrepreneur/business leader?
Some of my clients identify with all three, others identify with some.

 Regardless of which part (s) you identify with, I have the tools
to help you achieve your goals in a long-term and sustainable way.


Whether you want to win Olympic gold or run your first 5 km race, mental training is crucial to succeeding. Mental training is just as essential as physical training.


Do you live with physical pain? Do you want individual help with your mental pain management? The pain starts and ends in the brain, therefore mental pain management has an important role in how your pain journey will be.

Stress management/

Being an entrepreneur or leader is often lonely. Being able to brainstorm ideas, get clarity and support along the way takes you and your company to new levels. Working proactively to prevent stress is the best investment you can make for yourself, your leadership, and your business.

Who needs a coach?

Do you want help reaching your goals? Are you an elite or amateur athlete? Or do you have an injury/illness that causes you physical pain? Or are you an entrepreneur/leader who tries to set goals but has difficulty reaching them and finds it difficult to feel satisfied once you achieve a goal? Whether you identify with one or more of the above descriptions, I have the tools and knowledge to help you move forward.

Many people think that only elite athletes need a coach. Why should you not need a coach? Why would you not want to reach your goals or learn to manage your brain to feel better in your everyday life?  The brain is the most powerful tool available.

It's the one behind all the incredible (and even the not-so-great) inventions. It's just a matter of learning to handle it in the best way to use it to the fullest. It's about everything from what words you use, understand your thoughts, relax and focus in stressful situations, set sustainable goals, and build new paths in the brain.

Do you usually think it is not an idea to set goals because you will never reach them anyway? Then I can help you! We all need someone who peps us, pushes, and sees things from other points of view to get where we want.

When you book coaching talks with me, you get someone who "holds your hand" while you climb to the top of your best self. I push you so that you dare to take one step and another step. I help you identify your goals and give you tools to create sustainable goals, goals that you can achieve and that become sustainable over time.

To make you feel confident that I am the right mental trainer for you and make sure you are the right client for me, who I can help in the future, I invite you to a Discovery Call. A shorter, first conversation where we get an opportunity to talk to each other, and I can tell you more about different types of arrangements that can work for you. Only then do we decide whether to continue working together.

 I look forward to helping you on the path to the top of your best self!

how do other people reach their goals?

How do you set a goal? How do you manage to fight even on the days when everything feels heavy?

Why hire a coach?

Because you have a desire to create change, but how do you get there?
No woman/man is an island.
A coach supports, peps, challenges and gives you tools to move forward.

How does it work?

We have our meetings online via Zoom. It allows you to be anywhere in the world. You get exercises, workbooks, and audio files between our sessions, and we follow up on how it goes and constantly adjust to continue towards your goal.

Is it not just for professionals?

I will help you become a professional in your field! Whether it's about taking Olympic gold, running 5 km, managing your pain in the best way, and having a valuable life again, or becoming a better and more sustainable entrepreneur, leader.

No one gets better without support, challenges, tools, and pep!

Learning to train the brain - the most powerful tool in the world - is just as important as training physically continuously!

Susanne's Story

I chose to get help from Cattis when I noticed that I no longer had any clear goals, which I always had. I also felt that I needed a sounding board and someone I could talk to without expecting anything in return and challenged my thoughts.  

As a manager and self-employed person, everyone expects me to serve them, give feedback, support, follow up, but I rarely get such feedback back. I set up so much for others, privately and at work, that I felt terrible about it myself. I was expected to be the powerful one.

I also started to get caught up by the critics who said that I pushed too hard, took up too much space, and was heard too much. It made me quiet, tried a little less, and start questioning myself. And, of course, that led to me not using my full potential and what I am good at. Of course, it made me not feel well.

Cattis has created a perfect place to coach: by walking in nature. It has been an excellent element in the coaching, which has meant that I have been able to relax and get my thoughts going in a good way, and at the same time get some exercise. Now I have found my way back and recognize myself, and feel much better.

With the help of Cattis' skills, I have realized that being Susanne Melander is that:
- Be happy
- Take place
- Push on
- Hear
- Take care of others without feeling bad about yourself

Susanne Melander

Melanders Affärsutveckling AB

Choose the option that suits you best

5 sessions

$ 1 045

USD incl. VAT

  • 1:1 coaching online, 5 sessions
  • Mental training programs personally designed for you and your success
  • Audio files with relaxation-, goal settings- & mindfulness exercises
  • Possibility to divide the amount into three months payment by credit card.

10 Sessions

$ 1 850

USD incl. VAT

  • 1:1 coaching online, 10 sessions
  • Mental training programs personally designed for you and your success
  • Audio files with relaxation-, goal settings- & mindfulness exercises
  • Personal audio files with your goal setting exercises 
  • Planning tools for your goals, strategies & routines 
  • Personal feedback between coaching sessions 
  • Workbooks 
  • Possibility to divide the amount into six months payment by credit card.

V.I.P. 12 months

$ 11 045

USD incl. VAT

  • 1:1 coaching online, 2 sessions/month
  • 4 IRL half-day meetings during the year, including lunch
    (in the Stockholm area, travel costs are not included, it can be changed to online if you can't come to Stockholm)
  • Mental training programs personally designed for you and your success
  • Audio files with relaxation-, goal settings- & mindfulness exercises
  • Personal audio files with your goal setting exercises
  • Planning tools for your goals, strategies & routines
  • Personal feedback between coaching sessions
  • Workbooks
  • Access to the program "Mind your brain, master the pain" (applies to pain coaching)
  • For you to feel confident that I am the right mental trainer for you and me to be sure that you are the right client for me, that our chemistry works together, I offer you a free Discovery Call. After that we decide whether to continue working together. 
  • Possibility to divide the amount into 12 months payment by credit card.

More clients testimonials

Thank you for a fantastic coaching session! Your sensitivity made me feel safe, and your concrete tips for action feel both easy to do and smart along the way.

Jenny Sandfors

Author and webb designer

Cattis has an individual approach to me as a customer. Despite a bit of technical trouble, the coaching went very well. Professional treatment and thoughtful approach. I will definitely hire Cattis again.


Leader within the healthcare sector 


When you book your first call, you choose which payment option suits you best. Then you go on to a booking page where you book a time that suits you. You will then receive an email with a link to our coaching conversation. See you online via the digital platform Zoom. You can easily download the app/program to a computer/phone/tablet. Just click on the link, and you will get the option to download the program.

We have a coaching session every week, and the session is about 30-45 minutes. The exception is during holidays and public holidays at Christmas, New Year, and Easter.
If you can't come to Stockholm for your IRL half-day coaching workshops, we can easily exchange that to online instead.