The invisible pain
- my faithful companion

This book is based on my life,
30 years with 4 different back injuries.
30 years of constant pain - the invisible pain.

You can't choose if you get the pain from an injury, 
accident or sickness, but you can always choose 
how you handle the situation.  

I am sharing my ups and downs during all this time. It actually has been more ups than downs over time. My mental resilience is very strong and I feel totally safe that I will manage the obstacles I meet in my life.

My vision since I was about 20 years is to help other people managing their pain and their brain. If I can help one other person to handle the pain, my own pain journey have a huge value.

I wish this book will bring you hope and valuable tools you can use in your everyday life. And even if you don't suffer from long term pain, there are a lot of mindset and strategies you can have use for to become more sustainable and become the CEO of your everyday life.
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Incredible book with incredible insights

Thank you for pointing out that acceptance is the way forward, how I need to accept my pain and se it as a faithful companion in my life. That makes the pain easier for me to handle and live with.

3 months ago

The Invisible Pain - my Faithful Companion

Being as I have been facing various pain over the last year and a half I was eager to read this book... Hoping for snippets of hope. The title had me curious.... How can pain become my companion? Cattis broke down her own life experience with pain skillfully personally and professionally. She explains how much our brain has to do with pain management and how to adapt a new and joyful approach to living with long term pain. Just reading her book has confirmed in me that I CAN bring value to my life because my life is of value. /Linda

5 months ago

”You are the Queen of nothing will stop you”

Tanks for sharing your story Cattis. Im so impresst over your mindset and how you handel the daily chores. Love your text about your life hacks of that. As an Naprapath Im proud and happy that you got help whit your pain. I will absolutly recomend this book to my patients. /Thanks from Elisabeth Blomdahl

5 months ago

Thanks Cattis

Cattis Olsson's book "The Invisible Pain" was a pleasure to read and very informative. It helped me a lot-in one way as an affirmation that what I have learned so far in my search are mostly good things plus some very good new insights on how to live a full life in spite of back pain issues. Thanks again Cattis-i will be going back to the book periodically in the future for reference and to renew my own confidence and resolve. You are an inspiration! /Kirk

5 months ago

This book makes changes

Cattis took me with her in to the world of pain and out on the other side of mindset. Thank you for taking me with you. I am so affected. This book is important! /Jenny

6 months ago

This book gave me insights, it made me laugh and it moved me to tears

The Invisible Pain is an important book both for someone who lives with long term pain and for someone who doesn't. I don't but the book teached me a thing or two about life with pain, and also made me think about my own circumstances and how to live more intentionally. /Maria

6 months ago

Cattis Olsson

Mental & pain coach helping female business leaders and entrepreneurs to become the CEO of their long term pain.  
I have a long history for 30 years with 4 different back injuries, living with constant pain for 30 years and counting. This have made me very interested in the body and the brain and my vision is to help at least 100 000 women affected by long term pain to adapt to the challenge of living with long term pain, brain fatigue and the struggle to get the everyday life to work. 

I have been knocked down many times, but I have built a strong mental resiliens and have managed to raise me up, time after time. Now I am having a successful business, helping others to lead themselves, achieving their goals in a sustainable, profitable and happy way.

Anything is possible - you maybe just have to do it in another way. I will help you find your way to become the best CEO of your pain and also of your business.