Discover how you can
train your brain to
control the physical pain,

so you can get rid of
fear of movement and hopelessness, and
get a more valuable life!

Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

  • You've had physical pain for more than three months
  • You don't get support and understanding from people around you
  • You are used to reaching your goals, but you lost motivation since the pain is stopping you whenever you set up a new goal
  • You are often tired and lack energy, no matter how much you sleep
  • You can't do the things you love due to pain
  • You are afraid to make the pain worse
  • You feel alone in your situation

Many women have asked me how to manage their physical pain. I often hear them making the mistake of ignoring the pain repeatedly and doing many things to prove they are a "normal person." 

When they come to me, they feel hopeless, lack energy, and are alive but not living a valuable life. 

They don’t want to be identified as a sick, injured, or even worse, a lazy person! Instead, they’re fighting a constant inside battle, with pain as their enemy, hating a part of their body, something that’s only stealing energy and happiness away from them. Makes them only surviving, but not actually live a full and valuable life.  

And that’s just backward, that is why I started this program to help women train their brains to control the pain, so they can start living a more valuable life again, without that inside war, the fear of movement, hopelessness and lack of energy and instead improve their self-esteem, energy, and happiness.  
It is fully stacked with personal development, mindset and strategies. All designed for women, with focus on how long term pain affects women's health and how we can take back the control over our pain and our lives again.
To train the brain and turn the pain into gain is really possible and the best pain coping strategy! The science is clear about that. Our brain is the most powerful tool on the planet and when you know how to manage it in the right way, nothing can stop you from turning pain into power and be a chronic pain goddess!
You will be a part of a warm and supportive community that will help you to be the master of your pain, your everyday life and your business. For a more valuable and profitable life.

Also, when you sign up now, you will lock this price in for as long as you stay in this membership!*

Modules in the program


Acceptance is one of the most essential things when it comes to pain management. Acceptance is not about giving up. It is about accepting things for what it is right now and stop that inside war. Acceptance is about to not put any value in feelings and things that has happened, but just accept that it happened.

The Brain & Mental Resilience

When you learn to manage your brain, you can manage your pain!
You will learn a lot about mental training and how you can create new paths in the brain so it doesn't consistently focus on the pain.
Mental resilience is all about how you can use your brain to recover faster and how you can adapt to different situations, set backs, injuries, sickness, separations and even a pandemic!
We are also talking about how the pain affects your concentration. 

Fear of Movement & physical Activity

When you live with pain it is common to develop a fear for physical activity, you get afraid that any activity will increase the pain, and the more you avoid physical activity, the more pain you will get. I will guide you through simple movement and how to start slow and be able to separate "good" and "bad" pain.
We will also talk about pain physiology, how long term pain is different from acute pain and how it affects your brain and your body.

Sleep & Recovery

Sleep is very important to everyone and extra important for us with long term pain. Why? Because our bodies is in stress mode all the time and we often turn around in the bed a lot since we can't be still for too long due to pain.
Recovery time is also very important and we are going to talk a lot about different types of recovery. 


How can you communicate your needs to your family, friends and colleagues? I know it is easy to ignore talking about your needs and what you can and can't do. You just want to be "normal"! I get it!
When you learn how to communicate you can come up with solutions that is suitable to you instead of just saying no to participate in activities. 

Planning and Routines

How do you create plans and routines when you don't know from one day to another in what level the pain will be present?
By making space in the calendar and schedule activities that is important in your own pain management, for example physical activity and recovery time.
When you create these routines and block times in the calendar you can also create a presence with better prerequisites to manage your pain without increased pain levels. 

Relationships and Sex 

This is an intimate subject but so important to talk about. The pain can make it difficult to have sex or even just a friendly hug might feel like your body is going into pieces of pain.
Not many professions talk about this and still it's a huge problem for most people who lives with long term pain. That is why I will talk about it! It is a part of being a human being to have relationships and having sex, it doesn't have to stop due to your pain! 

Perimenopaus & Menopaus

What happens in the female body when the hormones are changing and we are getting into perimenopaus & menopaus?
Well, a lot of things happens! And often we are not aware of the symptoms for perimenopause which are far more than "only" night sweats and dryness. In this module you will get knowledge about how the hormones are changing and how it can affect you. Especially when you live with long-term pain. 


The pain is a part of you, but don't let it define who you are. Actually we often identify ourselves with our profession and maybe our hobbies. But what happens when you can't continue with your profession or hobbies? Many people, including me, feels like they loose their identity, don't know who they are when they can't do the things they love. We are talking a lot about this and how you can find your inner, true identity! 

Group Coaching

The group coaching is scheduled two times a month. At this live group coaching you can get support and help to manage your thoughts, obstacles and wins. I care about your integrity so the group coaching will not be recorded. This is where the community with others is so powerful, you will find out that you are not alone! Even if you don't share your struggles you will get inspiration and knowledge by being a part of it. 

You are not alone!

My name is Cattis Olsson.
My dream was to be part of the Swedish Cross Country Ski Team and of course the biggest goal was to represent Sweden in the Olympics.
At the age of 16 I also went skydiving and at one landing I crashed really hard to the ground. I've got my first back injury. Now I'm turning 46 and I have lived with long term pain since that warm day in July 30 years ago. I have at this time four different back injuries.

The doctors and physiotherapists told me over and over again that it would be impossible for me to do running, cross country skiing and they even talked about disability pension when I was about 20 years old. I refused to listen to them, instead I used my knowledge within mental training and massage therapy and I listened to my body.

From hopelessness to happiness

10 years ago I went from running my own business and having a spa manager position, to acquiring three herniated discs and a burnout at the same time! This resulted in a very long and hard testing of patience time of rehabilitation. Consequently my company was set on hold and I had to start all over again. It was a total physical, mental and economic collapse.

I also had a major identity crisis, didn't know who I was any more. I identified myself as a training, healthy person who loved the job as a massage therapist and mental coach. Suddenly I couldn't do anything of that. I felt very lonely and lost in my life.

I've learned my lesson to say no to tempting offers from employers who offers me high performance jobs. It was an expensive lesson to learn, in many ways.

Now I can go for a run, I actually have a half marathon scheduled for this fall. I have cross country ski lessons and I'm running my own business again. To run my own business is a big part of my way of managing the pain. I can schedule my own time so I get enough of recovery time and physical activity every day.

1 of 4 people lives with chronic pain,
are you one of them?

My vision is to help at least 100 000 women affected by long term pain to adapt to the challenge of living with pain, brain fatigue and the struggle to get the everyday life to work. I have been knocked down many times, but I have also built a strong mental resilience and have managed to raise me up, time after time.

Now I am having a successful business, helping others to lead themselves, achieving their goals in a sustainable, profitable and happy way. Anything is possible - you maybe just have to do it in another way.

I will help you find your way to mind your brain to master the pain!

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Pain management is not a quick fix.

The Mind your brain, master the pain is a six months program for you who wants a sustainable and persistent change for managing your pain.

Why six months?

Because long-term pain is not a quick fix, and to change your thoughts and behavior takes time.  
The webinars and workbooks are not just something to consume as fast as possible, each module is for a month and that is to get time to really implement one thing at a time.

This is what makes it a sustainable and persistent change in your life. Because it is easy to read or listen to something during "good days", but the challenge is to implement it in your everyday life and really stick to it even on "the bad pain days".  

To be able to live a valuable life where you can focus on all the positive things you can do instead of wasting negative energy on the things you can't do is a game changer. Knowledge is the key to prevent fear, and I know that it is easy to get in the fear of movement and fear of pain. When you know how the long term pain works and you can start implement the tools you will be provided in this program, you can also step outside of the comfort zone and break that fear, and when you break that fear you will get a much more valuable and abundant life!

In addition to webinars, workbooks, relaxation and meditation audio files and much more you will also get the opportunity to participate in a group coaching twice a month.

The group coaching will not be recorded, I care about your personal integrity, so you need to be there live to get answers to your own and the other members questions. It is of course voluntarily if you want to share something in the group.

The community with other people who understands what it's like to live with long term pain is really powerful and helps you to manage your pain journey even better. Even if you have a loving and caring family, they don't understand what it's really like to live with pain 24/7. That is what this community is for.

Many people say that the community was the thing that really made them to shift focus and to start a new, better and more valuable path in their pain journey.  

It doesn't matter if your pain comes from an injury or sickness, in this membership we will focus more on how to manage your brain, acceptance, the tiredness, expectations from family, friends, colleagues and how you communicate your needs with them. Long term pain often brings shame and stigma, you don't want to be different, so you probably do things even better than a person without pain, just to prove that you are "normal".

Communication can be really hard, that is why there is a whole module about it in the program. Because when you have learned to manage to keep the pain in a good level, you also need to communicate to the family, friends, colleagues, employers etc. what you need to keep it that way. And how do you do that without feeling like you are whining or asking for pity? Because I know that it's not what you want to do. My mission is to break the stigma and the shaming about long term pain, I don't ask for you to go in front with me, but I can assure you I will give you the confidence to stop the shaming about it in your life!

How much have you worked with your own mental resilience, self-awareness and self-love? Are you ready to start that inside journey to a more valuable and abundant life?

You will also get discount for 1:1 coaching sessions, courses and events.


Developer Manager

In SvD* July 26th 2020 there was a very informative and well-written article about Cattis Olsson and how she through the years have learned to live with long term pain. I myself had for more than a year suffered from a very painful herniated disc. I was so fascinated by the article and simply got the courage to get in touch with Cattis.

We had a very good coaching conversation and I took the opportunity to subscribe to the inspiration email from Capuma, which is Cattis' company.
I was so inspired by both calls and emails. The road ahead was marked, I started training, found a good naprapat and saw Cattis pep.
Today I am almost pain-free. The power of thought is amazing. Sometimes you need help to get into the right path for your thoughts. You Cattis, made me think positively and see the possibilities. Thanks!

*Svenska Dagbladet - Swedish Newspaper

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you:

  • Are a woman
  • Want to manage your pain in a better way
  • Are ready to venture outside your comfort zone
  • Want tips on activities to improve your pain and health
  • Are ready to take responsibility for your own life and pain journey
  • Wants to invest time in your personal development to improve yourself
  • Wants a community with other people in the same situation
  • Wants to strengthen your self esteem and find the new 2.0-you
This program doesn't suit you if you:

  • Are a man (Sorry guys, this program is at the moment only for women)
  • Are not ready to follow the steps in the program 
  • Are not willing to invest the time to improve yourself and your pain journey
  • Don't like people who comes with possible solutions

6 months Program

  • Group coaching twice a month
  • Webinar once a month
  • Modules with different themes every month
  • Community
  • Workbooks
  • Relaxation & meditation trainings
  • Discount on 1:1 coaching, courses and events.

Paid monthly. You will get all the benefits of exclusive group coaching sessions, discount on further coaching sessions and a lot more.
Your subscription will be automatically renewed after 6 months.  


No, you do not need any prior knowledge within this field. All parts of this program are aimed for women who wants to improve their life with long term pain.

The only thing you need to be able to participate in live broadcasts or enter the program portal is a computer/tablet or smartphone with internet connection. Live broadcasts are held in Zoom and you will get a link to the meetings so you can download the app.

No you don't. The group coaching is an opportunity to share your thoughts, struggles and successes with the rest of the group, but it is not demanded. The power of talking to others who understands how you feel is very strong. You will also get inspiration and knowledge by listening to the other group members questions. The integrity is very important so everything that says within the group should stay in the group.

When you subscribe to the 6 months program you have approved to the subscription during the 6 months. You can not unsubscribe until you have fulfilled your 6 months subscription. As this is a 6 monthly subscription, we will renew your subscription on the 6th month, unless you cancel your subscription before this date from within your account. 

In the 6 months program you can get your money back, within 25 days from your first payment. You need to prove that you have participated in the webinars and group coaching and taking part of the material available in the course curriculum with a description of why you don't want to participate in the program.
Everything you have taking part of and stories that has been shared in the group, stays in the group.

This is not a program with medicine, surgery or physical treatment, so I can not promise you to be pain free (probably no one can). But I can promise you to learn how to handle the pain in a better way so you can live a more independent and abundant life. You can decrease your pain levels. If you follow the steps I'm teaching you, you will improve your everyday life and you will be able to reach your goals in a more sustainable way. 

It means that when you sign up for this program now, you will have the same price as long as you stay in the program. Even when the prices increases you will still have the same price as when you entered the program. This is an opportunity I give to you since you are loyal to me and join with me from the very beginning of this program!
But if you decide to stop your subscription and start it again later you will not have this price again.