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I am an expert writer at, writing about human sustainability, leadership and health. I have also written for Brainz Magazine.

Writing has always been easy for me, I've used it as therapy for myself and I have written blogs for about 10 years. First in Swedish, now in English.

In December 2020 I published my first ebook The invisible pain - my faithful companion. It's a book based on my life, 30 years with 4 different back injuries. 30 years of constant pain - the invisible pain. I am also sharing tips and life hacks for people who lives with long term pain and it has already got a lot of great reviews.

My expertise area is within self leadership, health, physical pain, mental resilience, physical activity and outdoor activities.

Send me an email if any of this sounds like it would be the perfect match for your publication.

Looking forward to write content for you! 

I want to break the stigma
about long term pain. 

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Cattis Olsson

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