Webinar: How to be the CEO of long term pain 21 jan

Are you tired of being controlled by the pain?

Welcome to this free webinar about how to be the CEO of the long term pain.
I will guide you through mindset, strategies and life hacks so that you can
take control over your pain and over your life.
The pain is a part of you, but you should not be defined by the pain. 

Thursday, 21 January 2021
03:00 PM CET









Are you in control of the pain?

Or does the pain control you? Would you also want to do the things you love but you always feel stopped by the pain?

In only a couple of mounts I coached a client to become almost pain free. My client used my strategies with physical and mental training and changed the mindset. From hopelessness to full of hope and joy of life. Without surgery, without any hocus pocus. This is based on science.

In this webinar I will share tools, mindset and strategies how to make the long term pain to your companion instead of your enemy. This is not about a special diet or a certain treatment, this is all about mindset and strategies for your everyday life and to be the CEO of your long term pain. 


The pain starts in the brain. No matter if you got injured or a sickness that causes your pain, but it is your mindset that matters how you handle it.


Routines and planning for lower your pain levels and get more energy to do the things you love in life.

Life hacks

I will share some of my life hacks that you easy can implement in your life so your everyday life becomes easier. 

Free of charge

The webinar is free of charge, you only need to register with your email address to participate.