Tools & resources 

These are some tools and resources that I work with. These are tools for both productivity, recovery, physical activity, planning etc. I will always try the programs first and I can assure you that I will only recommend programs that I like and find interesting for you. 

Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase.
However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me.

Harmoni Desk

A good ergonomic work station is important for everyone and especially for you who lives with long term pain.
We all know that sitting too much is not good for our general health and definitely not for the pain.

Of course it's not optimally to stand up a whole day either.

I had a really good laptop stand for a sitting position, but I also needs to stand up to get pain relief in the back.

Finding Harmoni Desk have changed everything for me. I can have a good ergonomic position both whilst sitting and standing. In a small apartment it is definitely much more convenient than a big height-adjustable desk.

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Coxa Carry

Coxa Carry has developed a unique carrying system for backpacks. It is the first backpack for running, and other physical activities, that I have tried that doesn't affect my back and neck pain! And trust me, I have tried a lot of different running backpacks!

Thanks to the well-designed carrying system the backpacks effectively distributed the weight to the hips, which makes the backpack feel completely weightless. Your upper body has full freedom of movement. 

Extra plus for women! It doesn't squeeze your boobs or affect your breathing capacity! It was love at the first run! ❤️

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You'll get 15% discount!

New Zenler

New Zenler is this platform where I have my webpage, membership, ebook, webinars, 1:1 video call coachings, send all my emails to my clients etc.
Yes, everything that includes my online business.

It saves me both time, energy and money to have it all in one place and the support is really quick to fix bugs and add new features to the system.

I love it!

Try it for free! 


Scrivener is a program for all kind of writers but also a perfect tool for your projects, for example, I planned my pain program in Scrivener first before I started to build it on my website.

It gives you a great overview over chapters, research, characters and a lot more. It also makes it easy to launch your book to whatever format you want to, epub, pdf, kindle, paperback, it's all there.


Click Up is my to do list and also my CRM-system. I have it on my laptop and on my iPhone, so anytime when I come up with new ideas (with a popcorn brain it's quite often), I can put it in there, I don't even need to carry a notebook everywhere I go anymore! 

I use it for both private stuff that I have to remember and all the planning about my business is starting here.

For me it's visual with the different boards, lists and easy to work with. I can schedule my weeks with recurrent tasks.
I have it also integrated with my Google Calendar and Slack which makes it easy to get a good overview.

You can use it for yourself or as a team.