Welcome to join
 my free webinar: 

How to be 
of long term pain

Do you control the pain? Or does the pain control you? 
Would you also want to do the things you love but you always feel stopped by the pain?

Welcome to join me in this free webinar about how to be the CEO of the long term pain. 
I will guide you through mindset, routines and strategies, motivation, physical and mental training and some life hacks so you can take control over your pain and over your life again.

Thank you for a really great webinar. I just wanted to say that your webinar gave me hope.


Thank you for a very inspiring and hopeful webinar!


I learned so much from your webinar. Thank you for all the knowledge and inspiration you shared!


In this webinar you will get:

Mental resilience

Develop your mental resilience to control thoughts and actions. 


Mindset, acceptance and how to change your behavior to get a more sustainable lifestyle during your pain journey. 

Strategies and routines

Strategies and routines for your daily life to reach your goals in a sustainable way and start living a more happy and profitable life. 


What does motivation has to do with long term pain? Well, when you understand how your brain works, and what motivates you, it will be easier to create change in your life. Real and valuable change.

Physical & mental training

When you work with both physical and mental training you will get to know your own body and its signals in a much better way and that is one of the main keys to lower your pain levels and increase your energy.

And a lot more...

This webinar will be 100% live so you can
ask questions during the whole webinar.
And it's free of charge!

And this is me, Cattis

As a lecturer, pain and mental coach my biggest passion is to help other people manage their pain in a better way. It brings me so much happiness and relief when my clients tells me what they have achieved when they have used my tools and strategies. It is an honor to coach people to be able to live a life with decreased pain and increased energy and joy.

I have a long history for 30 years with 4 different back injuries, living with constant pain for 30 years and counting. This have made me very interested in the body and the brain and my vision is to help at least 100 000 women affected by long term pain to adapt to the challenge of living with the pain as a companion instead of an enemy.

In this webinar you will get tools and knowledge that I have used myself for many years and that I discovered is now also verified by the science. I have a good collaboration with some of the best researchers within pain physiology at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, having lectures for medical doctors and physiotherapists about the life with long term pain. So I do both help clients with improving their pain journey and I teach medical professions of the future to meet their patients with understanding and knowledge.

I want to break the stigma about long term pain.
Let's talk about it! Book your spot to this free webinar now!